Vehicle Graphics

Whether you drive a corporate car, operate a commercial fleet, or want to advertise a home-based business on your personal automobile, custom vehicle graphics from Sterling Signs in Clarksville can help you establish brand identity, gain the attention of potential customers and put your business miles ahead of the competition.

Window Perf

Our window graphics allow you to take advantage of prime advertising space on any vehicle. Made of perforated vinyl, our window graphics display your business logo, image or message to viewers outside the vehicle while allowing the driver inside to see through the window safely.

Trailer Graphics

If you haul equipment or goods for your band, business or farm, trailer graphics can transform your trailer into a moving billboard. Show the world your business is on the move with custom trailer graphics from Sterling Signs.

Racing Stripes

Whether you’re a member of a car club, owner of an auto body shop or just like to stand out on the road, racing stripes make a statement. Applied to the hood, roof, trunk or bumpers, these high-performance cast vinyl racing stripes accentuate your vehicle and your brand image.

Custom Decals

Sterling Signs can create custom car decals for your business or auto club using one-color vinyl or full-color digital printing for maximum impact.

Car Magnets

Sturdy yet removable, car magnets are a simple, effective and economical way to advertise your business. Turn your personal vehicle into a corporate car while making business calls, and then turn it back whenever you like simply by removing the magnet. Sterling Signs can create custom car magnets for your vehicle using one-color vinyl or full-color digital printing.

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